The Three Levels of Leadership

How to Develop Your Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skill

Who is the book for?

Any leader – younger or older, experienced, inexperienced or aspiring – wanting to:

  • grow their executive presence. 
  • acquire the key knowhow and skill while boosting their emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • apply the ideals of “servant” and “authentic” leadership. 
  • cut through the fog created by the differing leadership theories and see one “master” model behind all the confusion. 
  • reach Jim Collins’ “level 5”, which he described in his 2001 classic, Good to Great. 

What makes it an unusual book in its field?

  • It’s a self-help manual for leaders.
  • It’s a complete guide to your growth as a leader.
  • It’s clear and easy to read.
  • It’s compact; there’s no padding. Every page matters. You won’t have to hunt for the “useful stuff”.
  • It introduces three breakthrough models:
    • The four dimensions of leadership.
    • The three levels of leadership.
    • The leader’s map of the human psyche
  • It offers fresh new thinking on leadership by:
    • combining the best of the old theories while addressing what they ignore: the leader’s psychology and presence.
    • turning the abstract ideals of “servant” and “authentic” leadershipinto something you can apply.
    • offering a new 4D definition of leadership to use as an everyday tool.
    • redefining the leader’s purpose, meaning you can throw out the old “superhero” model.
    • guiding you on how to lead change across your company.
    • presenting a breakthrough model of the mind – the first for 75 years – drawing on the latest thinking and research from psychology and neuroscience.
    • putting self-mastery (mastering your mind) at the centre of your growth and success as a leader.
  • It explains new self-mastery techniques and tools.
  • It shows which behaviours to work on first and how to do so, giving you a clear personal development path.

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Currently available in Print and as an eBook