Where Did My False Beliefs Come From?

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Where Did My False Beliefs Come From

After The Three Levels of Leadership came out in 2011, readers followed up with questions on leadership, leadership psychology and self-mastery – all of them interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I’m releasing my answers here as they supplement the “Three Levels” material and others may find them useful.  Here’s the fourteenth in the series. I’ll post the others over the coming months…

Q14. Where did my False Self beliefs come from, especially my negative self-image?

“In a sense it doesn’t matter where they came from. What only matters is that you have a False Self self-image.

I say that not to dismiss the importance of the question, but to focus you on the practical challenge before you.  You see, it’s interesting to understand the origins of your False Self beliefs, but it won’t necessarily help you move beyond them, to let them go.

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