Since The Three Levels of Leadership came out, some companies have been in contact to discuss the idea of partnering with me. The trend has continued following release of the How to Build Winning Teams trilogy. In general, those talks don’t go far because – to be blunt – I’m fussy about whom I work with. However, I do welcome approaches from like-minded companies who’ve understood my work and grasped what I’m trying to achieve.

Life Compass Logo

So far, I’ve agreed one licensing deal. It was with Life Compass, based in Cairo, Egypt. They’re now our exclusive training partner for eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Life Compass have designed, piloted and started delivering training experiences for ME&NA leaders based on the principles of “Three Levels”, with suggestions and advice from me. 

The deal gives them access to my knowhow in applying my ideas, techniques, tools and processes. This includes stuff I’ve not mentioned in my books or created since their release. It also lets them draw on my experiences in working with senior clients on their self-mastery and executive presence … or in helping them build more successful teams. Where needed, I’ll support them in winning big new accounts and, occasionally, appearing at their conferences or training events.

While I’m not actively searching for other partners, the Life Compass deal could be a template for future ventures. If you’re interested, just let me know. The Get in Touch page explains how.