Fast Company – Article on Apollo 13 & Shared Leadership

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James Scouller artice - Apollo 13 - Fast Company magazine - shared leadership

This is an article I wrote for Fast Company magazine about shared leadership. It explains how real teams share leadership, that they’re always not dominated by a single leader – even under the most testing conditions including emergencies.

I use the extraordinary rescue of Apollo 13 to illustrate my point with six examples of NASA’s Mission Control team displaying shared leadership in action. I hope you enjoy it.

Just click this link: What Leaders Can Learn From The Apollo 13 Rescue

By the way, there is a whole chapter dedicated to the Apollo 13 story and how it illustrates my Seven-Principle (7P) team building action model. This article draws on that chapter. You will find it in Book Two of my trilogy, How To Build Winning Teams Again And Again.

Click here for tools for applying my 7P model.