Another New Post for Training Journal

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James Scouller article in Training Journal on virtual and hybrid teams

In January 2024, I wrote an an article for Training Journal on how to create psychological safety in teams following release of my How To Build Winning Teams trilogy. Apparently it went down well with their readers so they asked me to write a second article.

This second article came out on 22 February 2024. It was on the topic of virtual and hybrid teams. It was titled, The art of building winning hybrid teams.

Clients often ask me is, “How should my approach to building a winning team change when we’ve switched to hybrid working?”

It’s clear that hybrid working has been difficult for many team leaders. And it’s true, navigating the shift from physical to virtual or hybrid teams can seem daunting. Yet my answer is always the same: “The seven principles of creating and regenerating teams hold true, even when your meetings move online.”

So in this article I offered a simplified summary of the seven basic team building principles.