Difficult Conversations article in HR Future by James Scouller

New Article for HR Future Magazine

HR Future, the prestigious South African magazine, wanted an article from me on the challenge of having those awkward, difficult conversations with “problem” team members. HR Future magazine was a print magazine which is now published digitally and only available to paying subscribers as a digital magazine, not as a website available to all internet […]

Psychological safety: James Scouller article

New Article for Training Journal

One of the hottest topics in training, coaching, leadership and team building is “psychological safety”: the challenge of making it okay for all team members to feel comfortable to say what they’re really thinking and feeling. Knowing that I’d just released the How To Build Winning Teams trilogy, Training Journal asked me to write an […]

Common Team Building Problems and Solutions by James Scouller

New Article in Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News magazine asked me to pen an article on common team building problems (and their solutions). It appeared on 22 December 2023. The three problems were (1) Missing behaviours (2) Not enough commitment (3) Wrongly choosing to act as a team. Here’s the link to the article: Team Building, How To Build Winning […]

Elite Business Article by James Scouller

New Article in Elite Business Magazine

Elite Business magazine asked me to write an article for team leaders to help them figure out what makes their teammates tick so they can be more skilful at motivating their individual colleagues. The article came out on 18 January 2024 and drew on content from Book 2 of my new trilogy, How To Build […]

James Scouller artice - Apollo 13 - Fast Company magazine - shared leadership

Fast Company – Article on Apollo 13 & Shared Leadership

This is an article I wrote for Fast Company magazine about shared leadership. It explains how real teams share leadership, that they’re always not dominated by a single leader – even under the most testing conditions including emergencies.

Maddyness - Pyschological Safety article

A New Article in Maddyness Magazine

An article all about creating trust and psychological safety in your team. Maddyness, the go-to magazine for entrepreneurs and innovators, which started in France and is now in the UK, asked me to write an article for their readers.

How to build winning teams in 3 steps

New Article in SME Magazine

There’s only 9 days to go before release of my trilogy, How To Build Winning Teams Again And Again. Meanwhile, here’s an article I wrote for SME magazine on team building: “How to build a winning team in three steps“.

James Scouller, "Why Are There So Few Teams At The Top?"

Article in People Management

As part of the countdown to the 11th January 2024 release of my trilogy, How To Build Winning Teams Again And Again, People Management magazine asked me to write an article explaining why there are so few genuine teams at the top of companies.

Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

Article in Forbes Magazine

Forbes magazine asked me to contribute to an article titled How To Thaw The “Frozen Middle” of Management. It appeared online on 28 November 2023.

NEWSTALK Radio Interview

The Importance of Team Building: 13-minute radio interview with James Scouller on Down To Business, NewsTalk’s top business programme, 25 November 2023.

Life Compass

Deal with Life Compass in Egypt

Announcement of exclusive tie-up between The Scouller Partnership and Life Compass of Egypt covering 8 countries in the Middle east and North Africa.

The Four Dimensions of Leadership: New Video Series

Article announcing the release of my new 10-part video series, “On The Four Dimensions of Leadership” on my YouTube channel, The Leadership Mastery Suite.

The New Second Edition Has Just Been Released

A letter from James Scouller to readers of The Three Levels of Leadership announcing the release of the expanded second edition with important new ideas, models and tools.