What Is Self-Mastery & Why Is It A Game-Changer?

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What Is Self-Mastery & Why Is It A Game-Changer

After The Three Levels of Leadership came out in 2011, readers followed up with questions on leadership, leadership psychology and self-mastery – all of them interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I’m releasing my answers here as they supplement the “Three Levels” material and others may find them useful.  Here’s the fifteenth in the series.   I’ll post the others over the coming months…

Q15. What exactly is self-mastery in the context of leadership and what makes it game-changing and beneficial for leaders?  [This was asked by Joe Scherrer of the Leadership Crucible in the course of an interview in October 2013 for his website.]

“Well, self-mastery, in essence, is inside-out-based change… change from the inside out … where you become aware of what’s happening in your mind and gradually take command of it.  This allows you to express your highest potential…not just for your benefit, but in the service of others. 

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