The New Second Edition Has Just Been Released

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A letter from James Scouller


My guide to growing yourself as a leader just got better.  An expanded second edition of The Three Levels of Leadership with new content, ideas and models has just been released and I thought you’d want to know.

It’s just out in the UK (you’ll find it on UK Amazon here).   It’s also listed on US Amazon here, but isn’t yet (as of 12th October) the default choice as I imagine they still have stocks of the old version to sell.

You can distinguish the new book from the old version easily – it has a gold flash on the front cover saying “new enlarged edition”.


Here are seven new features of the second edition for those who’ve read the first:

(1) A rewritten expanded first chapter.  It strengthens my explanations about (a) the flawed, vague mental models that most leaders hold (b) the reality of shared leadership (c) the uniqueness of the leader’s role and (d) the fact that there’s no one way to lead.

(2) A new chapter on how to apply the four-dimensional definition of leadership as a practical tool.

(3) Greater detail on the seven qualities of leadership presence.  Plus new questions to help readers assess the degree to which they are expressing the seven qualities today.

(4) A new 15-page section on motivation backed by extensive research.  It’s a bit like Dan Pink’s book “Drive” only shorter, but a bit more comprehensive, as he omitted the fourth intrinsic motivator.  It ends with practical advice you won’t find elsewhere.

(5) A new 25-page section on how to lead organisational change – the toughest of the leadership arts. Backed by wide-ranging research, containing ideas known to only a few, and closing with my new Spiral-Waves change model, I believe it’s the most up-to date, compact yet complete material you’ll read anywhere on how to lead change.

(6) A new self-mastery technique – 4R – that’s been tried and tested with executive coaching clients since the first edition came out in 2011.

(7) Finally, I’ve sharpened every chapter to make the key ideas even clearer.

As in edition one, Three Levels 2.0 cuts to the chase, but hopefully with greater clarity than before.  And in expanding certain sections with new ideas, I haven’t lost sight of my chief aim: to offer you a concise master model.

With this second edition written and released, it feels like “job done”, meaning I don’t anticipate a third edition.  Why do I say that?

Because having added the new material and made the smaller improvements, “Three Levels” is now the book I wanted it to be.  My aim was to make this new edition the shortest, clearest, most complete and yet practical guide to leadership out there.  You of course will judge whether I’ve succeeded.

I hope you like the new second edition and, more important, find it useful.

Your feedback is always welcome…

Kind regards,