The Four Dimensions of Leadership: New Video Series

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When I consider all my ideas, models, tools and processes, I can classify them into three learning blocks. I call them Mental Model Mastery, Self-Mastery and Know-How Mastery.

This post focuses on the first learning block – Mental Model Mastery – and a new 10-part video series I’ve just released on my YouTube channel, The Leadership Mastery Suite.

Mental Model Mastery helps you unlearn your previously unnoticed unhelpful ideas around “leadership” and what it means to be “a leader”.  I’ve found, repeatedly, that this is where all leaders’ problems start.

So Mental Model Mastery reveals what leaders have believed about leadership and the purpose of a leader until now and the problems those beliefs cause.  Then it helps them replace those beliefs with a practical four-dimensional model, allowing them to pay more skilful attention to what matters most.  This means they can create a down-to-earth action agenda with their colleagues based on their real-life context, that is, what’s really happening among employees, customers and competitors, not what they assume is happening.

The key to Mental Model Mastery is my Four Dimensions of Leadership model.

So in this new (free) 10-part video series on YouTube I explain the four dimensions of leadership, why you need to know about them, how they can help you rapidly improve your ability to lead your team or company … and how to apply the four-dimensional model with two simple tools.

The 10-part series starts with episode #1: Are you Stuck on the Leaders Growth Curve?  I hope you enjoy it.