About James Scouller

James Scouller is an executive coach, thought leader and author. His fascination with leadership has dominated his working life over the last 45 years. It’s been the golden thread connecting his four books.

What sets his work apart? His focus on the previously ignored psychological challenges facing leaders and their teams.

His first book was The Three Levels of Leadership. You could call it a self-help manual for leaders. The payoff for readers? It offered them groundbreaking models and tools for growing their presence, knowhow and skill. Launched into a crowded leadership book space with little promotional backing, it has received five-star reviews around the world largely through word-of-mouth. It’s inspired hundreds of CEOs and business founders to seek James’s help.

His new trilogy, How To Build Winning Teams Again And Again, came out in January 2024. James sees this as a companion series to “Three Levels”. It’s taken him 15 years to research, test and write.

After living and working in different countries he led three international companies as CEO for 11 years before founding his executive coaching practice, The Scouller Partnership, in 2004. Today, when he’s not writing, he coaches leaders and their teams. He has two postgraduate coaching qualifications and trained in applied psychology for four years at the UK Institute of Psychosynthesis. He also holds a 4th Dan black belt in Aikido, a Japanese martial art. He lives near London with his wife, Tricia, and their dog, Matilda.

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About James Scouller
My mission is to inspire and enable transformation